Loving this weather, it is really needed to lift spirits right now and get people in the mood for the Summer time. I'm one of these people, that need to see and feel the heat creeping on to get motivated to want to eat better and get some ideas for holidays and time out etc. Me being me though, I'm still styling all black..

Obviously I'm in black guys, and if any of you guys are fellow UK bloggers you will appreciate how difficult it can be to get your shots outside or even blog on location..in our ever changing unpredictable weather. So I seized an opportunity this day to get an outfit post up and it happened to be all black :)

I love this look, I'm all for comfy casual fashion with a twist. I have on one of my favourite jumpsuits from ASOS and what I like to do with a more casual style jumpsuit is dress is up with a nice belt and heels. With this look it is all about the accessories. I have on a studded belt from Topshop and my Public Desire heels.

Throw a leather jacket over the top, grab your hat and sunglasses and you are good to go! 

Hope you guys are well.. follow me on my social channels if you're not already:

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  1. all black is so chic! also love those shoes x



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