Instagram, the app that seems to run the world these days. I often see people create 'help' posts and I personally really enjoy reading them, so I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my own advice with you on tackling the world of Insta.

For those of you who are wanting to turn it into more of a business venture? Perhaps you are a blogger and struggling to get the recognition you deserve? or perhaps you are just wanting some handy tips on how to make it more aesthetically pleasing? then this post is for you..

I'd love to be able to tell you that the style, colour or layout of your Instagram doesn't matter all that much, but unfortunately it does and you have to have a Masters in 'Fine Instagram Arts' to combat it sometimes. I have spent far too long perfecting my layout and only now after years of practice and identity searching am I 99.9% happy with it. As many bloggers will tell you, we are never fully satisfied with our feeds, but I promise you.. seeking for perfection is a constant disappointment.

First up, find your Brand Identity. Whether your genre or topic is fashion or food, don't stray away from the subject matter. Make sure it is the main focus to your account and the visitors to your instagram page know clearly and precisely what you specialise in. Let them see your personality and brand through your images. This can be extremely difficult if you are just starting out, but it is really important and something to work towards.

Finding your brand identity is key, it is key in the aesthetics of your Instagram but also so people can relate to you and find out what you are all about. Your brand is everything from your look, to your social handles, your blog name and the overall look of all your social platforms. Find out what you like.. style, colours etc and create a brand identity which sets you apart from the rest.

Secondly, your Instagram pictures should resemble quality over quantity. Make sure the images you are putting out are always of great quality and not just to fill the spaces on your feed or to make sure you are posting every few hours. This is not what your followers care about. You want to make sure your feed is full of quality imagery over quantity of imagery.

Make sure whatever you are showcasing is clear and the images stand out. I tend to believe the less clutter in a picture the better. Make the main focus of the picture about that one thing. Start to create a pattern, if you are a fashion blogger for example, perhaps an outfit picture, then an accessory picture, then an outfit, then a selfie etc. Keep it simple, yet varied.

Filters and all that jazz really help. I believe a good filter and the help of certain editing apps really do help in the success of someones Instagram feed. This also goes back to the branding and aesthetics of your overall look. You must pick a filter and never stray from it, make sure that you are completely in love with it, as chances are you are going to be stuck using it for quite some time.

Once I had decided on my brand and what I wanted to promote the most, I spent days deciding what filter best represented my personal style and branding and I have used it ever since. It allows all the images to flow together and appear in unisen. Regardless of the fact they have been taken at different times or in different places. Filters give your images a connection and similarity.

You must stick with a consistent theme. If your 'theme' for example is surrounding a certain fashion style or colour, this can really help towards the appeal and success or your feed. It will make you recognisable and rememberable, which is really key in this industry.

Try putting together a mood board of colours, styles or even fellow Instagrammers which inspire you and come up with your own theme to get recognised for. I tend to have a lot of monochrome pictures and dashes of nude colours throughout my theme and it is always more pleasing on the eye to stay consistent with a certain theme, trend and colour palette. Also people know to come look at my feed if they are wanting the latest black shoe or accessory. Find your theme and run with it..

Lastly, engaging with your followers is vital. Big or small, they are there to be spoken to and interact with. You will find the success of your Instagram grow far greater if you build a good rapport with your audience. Don't be the silent type, they want personality from you remember, so start chatting to them and always answer any questions they may leave in the comments. Also make those picture captions interesting, they are a perfect opportunity to create that engagement and get people talking about your picture or product.

Really hope this was useful for some of you.. any questions or anything you would like to know specifically, just leave me a comment in the box below and I will get them answered for you. If you are not following me on Instagram yet, please do, just click here!


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