I was very much denying my love of gingham for awhile as I just wasn't sure on it and when bloggers tend to overdo something.. whether it be a style or pattern, it puts me off, but I have definitely 'given into gingham'.. it is official. Here is the dress that made that all happen. This midi/nearly maxi dress is going to be such a strong staple for the upcoming hot weeks. Roll on 27 degrees this weekend guys!

I'm not one for dresses anymore and I really feel uncomfortable in them, I have got too complacent with wearing joggers and baggy tops that I have completely forgotten what my own body shape is. Are any of you with me? So it is always a shock when it comes to Summer and you have no choice but to start wearing skimpier things. 

I think this is a nice transition and I've just been teaming it up with a cardigan and some boots for now, but may brave bare arms and sliders soon.. who knows.

Dress - Glamorous
Boots - Mango
Cardigan - Primark 


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