Happy Tuesday everyone, just thought I would feature this outfit on my blog because it's had a lot of love on Insta and I really love it for this time of year in the UK... so here it is. There is also a cheeky little discount code for you guys inside if you continue reading.



New week... new theme. 

Instagram theme that is, and obviously you guys who also read my blog and like more of chit chat post,s will begin to notice a difference too. It is definitely warmer. I changed it for the simple fact it was more manageable, and this new theme doesn't take up so much time and I can put more of my efforts into the actual content rather than the asthetics. Don't get me wrong, I love a good looking feed, but this one is definitely more relaxed and welcoming.

 I'm eager to start showing off my little place and incorporating more interior pictures into my feed, so having an injection of colour within a new theme seemed the perfect move forward. 
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