This Summer I paired up with Amazon to try out three amazing products from a variety of different lifestyle categories in order to make my Summer that little bit more special. So I wanted to share with you guys what I picked up and my true, honest thoughts...
This campaign seemed really exciting, as I love using Amazon personally and it has always been my go-to place for pretty much EVERYTHING. There really is nothing that they don't cater for and with really competitive prices too. Their sole aim is to cater for all their customers needs in the form of all types of products online.

This time, they had to cater for my needs this Summer with a selected few products. The categories I got to personally choose from were... Home, Garden and Health. All three of these popular categories are what I tend to base my blogging and writing around, so it was perfect and my the choice very easy.

As I have recently started showcasing a lot more of my interior design in recent posts on Instagram and my home is something I am extremely passionate about. It's my safe place and it has always been a strong priority of mine to make it a place to love and feel comfortable in. So it is very common for me to be on the hunt for new and exciting things to add to my home.

Health is also a big aspect of my life, and with turning 28 only last month, this is something that I definitely need to RAMP UP!!! 

As you will see from the products I received from Amazon, all were perfect in contributing to another fabulous Summer in the UK, because let's face it... we all need something extra to make a UK Summer more exciting.

. . . . . . . . . . . . 

First up in the Garden category is this Camping Firebowl.

This has been such an essential accessory in my back garden this Summer... I cannot recommend this enough. It is complete with a grill, folding legs and a perfectly fitted carry bag. Obviously I picked it up in black too. 

This is a portable camping fire pit, so you just fold it away and place it in the carry case and away you go to have the most awesome BBQ experience with loved ones and family. I even found myself bringing this round to my friends back gardens too. It is super easy to use and easy to clean!!! Cleaning is something that was important about this product as I needed it to be practical. 

I actually can't wait to use this in the colder months now too and have it permanently outside, with my feet close by, hot chocolate in hand and use it to toast marshmallows. Who's with me??

It was super simple to assemble, even though that was the boyfriends job... however I did watch and it looked very straight forward.

You'd think it was heavy but it's really lightweight and perfect to just grab and go to the beach. I can't recommend one of these enough and it's been a great accessory this Summer and provided some amazing sausages for my friends and I, haha!!

You are going to DIE when you see how cheap these are...

Get yours here!

. . . . . . . . . . . . 

Next up in the Health category is the fitbit charge 2.

I had heard SO much about these watches and that they could do pretty much everything when it came to your health apart from run you a bath.

I got my hands on the amazing 'charge 2' version and in the colour black. This is such a stylish little watch and it needs to be, as to get the best results from it, you need to be wearing it every day. So naturally I needed it to look good.

A 'fitbit' is a fitness wristband, which honestly I didn't know existed till about a year ago. So many people are modestly wearing them in the UK in all different colours, and now I'm part of the cult... hey!

The set up was SO SIMPLE, all you had to do is download the app to you phone, sync the two devices together, give it a little charge with the snazzy charger and away you go.

The app gives you a little run down of all the features, but after half a hour of playing around, I was away. It is pretty self explanatory. 

There were some really unique personal features, when creating your own profile you have to let it know your height, weight and the obvious things, but it has a way of tracking your heartbeat, giving you set goals for the day, waking you up in the morning, tracking your health, your daily steps and it even lets you know when your phone has a call or a text.

This Summer it has honestly become a secret obsession of mine and best of all it feels so personal to me. I feel like it's my own health diary attached to my wrist and all I have to do is flick it towards me which alerts the watch to turn on and it starts showing me some awesome stats.

One of my favourite features about the fitbit has to be the fact it connects to the GPS on your phone and I was able to track my usual root for my run. It's helped massively in getting me back into running again and something I will definitely need for motivation in the colder months to come. 

This might seem a pricey product, but just wait till you see how much it can do, then you will be impressed. For aesthetics purposes, this had to be mentioned, you can change the straps to suit your attire if black is becoming too mundane. I have never really wanted to change the colour from black for obvious reasons, but some of you may fancy something about more colourful.

Oh and I nearly forget to mention... it's really comfy on. You can't really expose it to super hot temperatures and you are meant to just give it a rest from you wrist every now and then, but I wore it through most of this month and it has been amazing. Take a look at the features for yourself...

Get yours here!

. . . . . . . . . . . . 

Lastly but definitely not least, from the Home category is the Kilner Drinks Dispenser.

Is this not everyones dream piece for their home? It's the thing you just never get round to buying ey! It's the thing you NEED when hosting a Summer party, and any party for that matter. 

I have always been a huge fan of anything Kilner branded, I believe they do the best quality jars and even though there are many different, sometimes cheaper alternatives. This brand couldn't get any better value for money and this item is another one of those dime purchases. I have so many of the jars dotted around the house, from my brown sugar holder to my hair bobble jar. 

Now I have the MOTHERSHIP of all Kilner jars. It is so amazing, and comes with this awesome black wired stand and 4 jars. I was the first to fill this up with a Rose wine inspired cocktail and I love that you can see what you are drinking and I had it up in my kitchen one day last week and it was just such an easy thing to use and everyone was able to help themselves to a drink.

I have even used it on the dining table at breakfast time with lots of orange juice and fresh oranges in and that way people can help themselves in the middle of the table. You can use it for beer, all kinds. It is the perfect table and party accessory. 

Let's not forget it looks pretty great too and if you are wanting to perfect party accessory, which absolutely DOES NOT break the bank... this is it!

Get yours here!

. . . . . . . . . . . . 

Really hope you enjoyed these 3 products from Amazon, which absolutely MADE my Summer and will continue to make the rest of my year. I actually can't be without them now. They all serve such a great purpose.

Let me know what you guys though to these items and whether you own any yourself?


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