Back to the blog.

Honestly, this was much harder than I thought, to finally sit at my desk, open my laptop up, go to blogger, click the 'new post' and just start typing. What to say, what not to say? 

Normally I have to be in the mood to write, to 'blog', old school 'blogging' anyway. I used to share my passion for styling, clothes and I would sometimes touch on personal, private issues incase even a handful of people would be able to relate to my words and maybe it would help someone reading, who's knows...

Now there is a disconnect, not only in my relationship with this, but also my relationship with YOU. Who ever you are, reading. Instagram has made it so difficult for me to connect with my audience that I have spent so many years building. So because of that, I have lost my connection with 'blogging' as a whole. Anyway, let's not get into to that too heavy, I will save that for another time!

I put those discrete, yet obvious little things around the word blogging because now there are so many different definitions to what blogging is, compared to what it's original meaning used to be. I'm still finding my new place with it all and where I fit, if I fit? 

I have been doing this many years now and I just felt I wanted to go back to where it all began and not let this die a very slow and painful death. Even though having an actual blog and website doesn't seem all that relevant anymore. I wanted to still keep this medium going, in the hope that some of you will still read it and that it still stays true to what I love. 

It can be my outlet for feelings, emotions, maybe slag of instagram every now and then, hey I could pretty much discuss anything. I just want to start it again, maybe 1/2 posts per week. I will try do weekly outfits and maybe a more dominant subject matter of the week which I feel I have some slight wisdom on. 

Let me know your thoughts on this guys, if any?


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