Hi guys, my name is Monique Agar and welcome to my fashion blog Glitter and Grimes. I have been blogging for many years now, and when I started I was unaware of the effort and strive it would take in order to make this into a business not just a hobby and also own a successful and relatable blog.

You have to become a brand all on your own and Instagram has provided a great platform for this, I was blogging way before Instagram even existed (definitely revealing my age there) I have always wanted people to see behind the fancy edits and text and become more of a relatable blogger above anything else. One that younger girls can aspire to and get confidence from.

I especially love sharing with you my favourite finds and the bargains on the high street. I have always had an eye for predicting trends or memorable pieces, so I take great pleasure in sharing these things and inspiring my following. 

Really hope you love reading my blog, I try post 2-3 times a week. Also check out my other social sites if you haven't seen them already & any further questions you have about me.. just ask :)

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